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At Horizon Clinics, we help you decode the solutions to your micro-health battles.

Who We Are?


Our in-depth and practical guides cover everything from diet plans, weight loss, workouts, and bodybuilding to issues of mental health.


As an independent resource for informative and research-backed health advice, we seek out ways to help you enjoy greater control over your physical, psychological, and emotional lives.


Thus, our site continues to be of great value for fitness enthusiasts, gym-goers, and the health-conscious population in general.


At the heart of our content lies an even-handed approach to provide unbiased information and product reviews. Besides, our team relies on a data-driven mindset to develop and deliver authoritative content and further recommend what we conclude to be best for your everyday well-being.

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What We Do Here?​

There is a growing need to make informed and fact-based decisions when it comes to your personal well-being and everyday dietary choices. This choice becomes even more crucial when you are out to select a product that “maybe” seems too good to be true.


We make it easier for you to sort through the chaos of an over-hyped market of products, supplements, and medications. And that, we believe, needs careful research and data collection.


That’s what led us to form a multidisciplinary group of content creators who combine their knowledge and available research to review and fact-check everything that is central to your health.


Browsing through our website will introduce you to some of the most informed, well-researched, and up-to-date health, diet, and fitness tips along with reviews of nutritional supplements.


It’s our passion to help you make better choices and navigate through the gimmicks of the health and supplement industry with an innate knowledge of what to look for.

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Diet and Weight Loss Tips

We help you fight your way through different diets and make healthy lifestyle changes to achieve the best shape of your life.







Diet and Weight Loss

Solutions to Everyday Issues

We offer useful suggestions to customize mental and physical wellness. Be it diet, workouts, or skincare we have you covered.



Supplement Science

We investigate products and analyze the ingredients to judge efficacy and safety. We will measure these factors up to the science-based evidence where possible.


Our Contributors

Each of Our Team Members Is Devoted to Delivering Well-Informed and Scientifically valid content.

Marcus Elburn

Marcus Elburn

Dr. Marcus Elburn is an MSc graduate in Therapeutics, Drug Development, and Human Toxicology with a special focus on the effects of pharmacology on obesity and sexual dysfunction.


His curiosity for medicine and disease diagnosis started at a very young age with his fascination with exploring human anatomy and physiology. A personal health condition at an early age further propelled him towards finding ways for healthy living while seeking feasible solutions for practical lifestyle modifications.


Apart from internal medicine, his areas of research interests include integrative medicine, cardiometabolic risk management, endocrinology and metabolism, and pharmacology of sexual function and dysfunction.


His second best thing to do after work is cycling in his spare time.


Email Marcus: marcus@horizonclinics.org

Regina Stemers

Regina Stemers

Dr. Regina Stemers spent many years as a healthcare professional before developing an interest in the management of skin conditions.


She has amassed over 10 years of experience in primary care and preventative treatment of chronically ill patients, followed by her training in Medical Aesthetics in Vancouver. She continues to build upon her professional acumen by attending international conferences, multidisciplinary workshops, and peer interactions.


Her decade-long medical career has exposed Regina to the special concerns of women’s health and sexual wellness. This has led her to take an active part in multiple research studies centered around skincare, aging, and other areas of female medical concerns.


At horizonclinics.org, she brings her years of clinical knowledge and medical expertise as a health practitioner to educate readers through her articles.


Outside of work, you might find her reading a book, taking long walks with her dog, or cheering for her daughter’s soccer games.


Email Regina: regina@horizonclinics.org

Levin Scholten

Levin Scholten

Levin Scholten is a research fellow examining the role of oxidative stress and lifestyle changes on protein and amino acid metabolism.


As a full-time researcher, he is intrigued by the chemistry of personalized nutrition in making extraordinary changes in health and well-being. His deep knowledge and interest in nutrition also come from his experience as a former specialist in sports nutrition and stress conditioning.


He has done his BSc (Nutritional Sciences) with a major in Sports Nutrition followed by an MSc in Human Nutrition.


Drawing on his analytical awareness and investigative skills, Levin contributes to diet and supplement guides by deducing present scientific data. His blogs help people make better lifestyle choices and improve their dietary behaviors.


In his spare time, he enjoys different physical and holistic pursuits including yoga, lifting weights, and mindfulness meditation.


Email Levin: levin@horizonclinics.org

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