Most Luxurious Health and Wellness Retreats to Revive Your Senses

Best Health Retreats in the World

Most Luxurious Health and Wellness Retreats to Revive Your Senses

Long days at work bring you tons of stress and enough errands that come in your way of enjoying life to the fullest. To escape such tiring journeys, people often like taking a retreat from this busy schedule to rejuvenate their lives with fresh memories of a vacation.

But these days, vacations are not just about clubbing and partying in different locations.

It has become more inclined towards relaxing in the lap of nature coupled with exotic food!

In simple words, the best health retreats in the world are the new favorites!

Health retreats are essentially therapy retreats that your mind needs with yoga, meditation, and healthy food served beneath the shadow of nature!

However, it’s not just about yoga, these retreats also offer you mindfulness, healing, and spa treatments. All in all, an all-inclusive wellness retreat.

It’s all about healing your life and renewing it to a higher extent.

There are various types of health retreats that you can go for, like therapy retreats or even weight loss retreats.

But the important question is which place could be the best for such retreats?

Well, we have that addressed, as we present you with the following blog highlighting ten of the best health retreats in the world that you can visit to give your body a package of wellness retreat.


[TOP 10] Soothing and Calming Best Health Retreats In The World 2021

Following is a list of the best health retreats in the world that you can plan to visit in 2021 if you really want to heal and calm your mind by flushing out negative thoughts!

These places have also been ranked as the best solo wellness retreats 2020, and, thus, can also be included in your list of solo trips!

#1. Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur

Location – Big Sur, California, United States

Post Ranch Inn

It’s one of the most beautiful health retreats that you can go for.

Moreover, it has been listed as one of the most affordable wellness retreats 2021 USA.

Offering you a mesmerizing view of Big Sur, it has got 3 pools for you to relax in.

For foodies, it has got a huge restaurant on-site that is to die for.

What Do You Get Here?

  • Spa sessions with unique treatments along with the shaman sessions
  • Free morning yoga, meditation sessions, and nature hikes with stargazing
  • Free snacks with well-stocked minibars ready to serve you

#2. Miraval Arizona, Tucson

Location – Santa Catalina Foothills (one hour drive from Tucson)

Miraval Arizona

It is one of the best spiritual retreats in the world offering you a luxury class resort with an all-inclusive spa.

The rooms are studded with all sorts of luxury, including patios and soft beds.

In case you go for villas, you get to enjoy big terraces and pools.

What Do You Get Here?

  • They offer over 120 fitness and yoga programs to help you free your body and mind from all the negativities of the world.
  • Apart from this, the foodies get to enjoy nutritious gourmet meals and snack bars, serving all-day snacks and fruit juice while smoothies remain a specialty here.
  • Talking about the view, the mesmerizing Sonoran dessert and mountains give your eyes a soothing refreshment.

#3. Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, Costa Rica

Location – G-Section of Nosara, Costa Rica

Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

All the yoga fans, pay attention!

The Bodhi Tree Yoga resort, one of the premier yoga resorts of Nosara, comes out to be the most affordable wellness retreats in Costa Rica.

What Do You Get Here?

  • Offering you six spacious yoga shalas, Bodhi Tree offers you the best classes and instructors of yoga along with many other fitness classes.
  • Foodies get a healthy munch of nutritious food and beverages, which are served in their restaurants.
  • You also get to relax your mind in the spa and also a shopping experience at the boutique selling yoga essentials.
  • If you want a retreat that cleanses your body and gives you a perfect lesson of yoga, this is the place for you.

#4. Gora Kadan, Japan

Location – Hakone-machi, Kanagawa Prefecture, Kanto, Japan

Gora Kadan

A health retreat offering features to explore your spirituality with a touch of luxury, Gora Kadan offers a traditional Japanese outlook.

What Do You Get Here?

  • The retreat offers you numerous relaxation treatments in the Kadan Spa which is surrounded by nature and calms your mind. 
  • It also offers you an option to go for the large public spa and the private family spa, both built in the lap of nature.
  • For foodies, the retreat offers restaurants serving kaiseki cuisine with fresh ingredients.
  • By visiting Gora Kadan, you take a step closer to nature.

#5. COMO Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

Location – It is a private island 30 minutes away from Providenciales.

COMO Parrot Cay

COMO comes under one of the top ultra-luxurious islands offering a package of health and fitness.

With the COMO Shambhala spa being a major attraction, COMO Parrot Cay has multi-bedroom villas with pools that give visitors private time in nature.

The view of pristine beaches with electric blue water distracts you from the hustle of the modern world.

What Do You Get Here?

  • The island has got on-call personal trainers, water sports, and yoga classes that help you reshape and tone your body.
  • For the foodies, it offers a spa menu at its restaurants with food made from organically grown ingredients.

#6. Aqua Wellness Resort, Nicaragua

Location – Playa Redonda, Rivas Department, Nicaragua.

Aqua Wellness Resort

If you are looking for a romantic destination in the lap of nature, then this rustic luxury health retreat with a natural setting is what should be your ideal plan!

With the lovely white sand beach catching eyes, it has got treetop rooms furnished with wood and stone.

It gives you a perfect connection with nature by offering you a chance to stay among monkeys, turtles, and other wildlife.

What Do You Get Here?

  • The retreat offers you a chance to go technology-free as you don’t get a TV here.
  • You get to enjoy your fitness goals with yoga classes planned at ocean platforms.
  • Foodies get to enjoy healthy and tasty cuisines at the restaurant.

#7. Haramara Retreat, Mexico

Location – Sayulita, Pacific Coast, Nayarit, Mexico

Haramara Retreat

Haramara is the perfect private beach for all beach lovers out there. 

Spread on 12 acres of wildland, it has got a lavish pool giving you a close connection with trees and water.

Most of the rooms will give you a soothing view of the jungle and ocean!

What Do You Get Here?

  • The retreat has got 2 yoga pavilions with a 360-degree view. 
  • What steals the show in the open-air spa is the amazing treatments at an affordable range.
  • Foodies get to enjoy seafood as well as organic food!
  • However, what some of you might not like is the cut-off from technology as it offers you to reshape your lifestyle the ancient way.

#8. Lake Austin Spa Resort, Texas

Location – Austin, Texas, United States

Lake Austin Spa Resort

It is one of the best mental health retreats USA as it offers a peaceful and beautifully located property with rooms having mesmerizing lakeside views.

What Do You Get Here?

  • The retreat has a lot to offer as a luxury spa with lengthy spa treatments allowing you to experience the best services.
  • It lays special focus on the fitness of its visitors, offering fitness centers and several daily activities like wellness education classes.
  • For the foodies, the property has got a spa menu offering food made from authentic organic ingredients.

#9. Kamalaya, Koh Samui, Thailand

Location – Koh Samui, Surat Thani, Thailand


This multi-award-winning wellness retreat is one of the most advancing wellness packages that you must go for!

Spread on the islands of Koh Samui, it has got many wellness facilities like a yoga pavilion, fitness center, spa, herbal steam cavern, and much more.

Moreover, the retreat offers you a wide range of rooms and villas to choose from according to the view you want, along with some super luxury options of pools.

What Do You Get Here?

  • With the retreat focusing majorly on your wellness, you get to enjoy many wellness programs like an enriched gut program, sleep enhancement, ideal weight, and many more such programs.
  • It also offers you great methods to detoxes like basic detox and comprehensive detox.
  • Apart from this, it has got many other programs for your wellness goals that you might want to invest in.
  • Foodies get to dive into the healthy cuisine of Kamalaya, presenting a mixture of Indian and Chinese food. Plus, they can enjoy their drinks at the Alchemy Tea Lounge!

#10. The Springs Resort and Spa

Location – Arenal Volcano National Park, Costa Rica

The Springs Resort and Spa

The property has got rustic luxurious rooms with views from Arenal Volcano! 

With five restaurants and bars, it offers fine dining with volcano views.

You can also enjoy the wildlife sanctuary giving you a chance to view toucans and sloths.

With the hot springs offering a view of rainforests, this is an ideal location to fall in love with nature.

What Do You Get Here?

  • It has got many physical activities planned for you like rock climbing, tubing, and kayaking.
  • The high-end suites also offer golf carts to users.


Are Health Retreats Worth It?

Many of you might wonder if investing so much money in health retreats are worth it?

Well, it all depends on what kind of retreat it is and the person who is attending it.

Moreover, according to a study, health retreats actually work beneficial for people suffering from chronic illness.

But more studies are still needed to establish the types of best health retreats in the world that work for specific people.

If you look at how chronic patients get benefits from health retreats, you’ll see that the reason behind most of the illnesses, like diabetes or cancer, is a poor lifestyle.

This might include drinking, smoking, eating junk, and whatnot.

While people spend a huge amount of money on the treatment, health retreats require less investment while you abstain from such behaviors.

Thus, instead of going for the cure, why not invest in a habit that can bring your lifestyle back on track by helping you prevent the disease from ever happening?

Apart from this, there are many types of best health retreats in the world. Quite a lot, actually! All these retreats provide various health benefits.

Considering the cost, there are also cost-effective retreats available. 

So, instead of going for some expensive vacations, you can actually try out health retreats.

Altogether, the money you spend on a retreat is worth the health benefits that you get from it.

Let us have a look at the various benefits that a health retreat offers.


Benefits of a Health Retreat

Benefits of a Health Retreat


There are various reasons why health retreats are new favorites in the town. 

Here, in this section, we will look out for some of these reasons to help you identify the worth of a health retreat in your life.

#1. They Help You Focus on Your Health Goals

Health retreats are the best way to get away from the technology-dependent modern-day life and helps you dive into the happiness of achieving your health goals.

It offers you proper guidance with various wellness programs like weight loss and mental wellness.

In fact, specific retreats focus on specific goals. 

For example, there is a whole list of the best detox retreats in the world to choose from!

#2. Guilt-Free Dining

With the busy schedule taking a toll on your eating habits, health retreats offer you an opportunity to cleanse your body with nutritious diets.

Diets include detoxifying juice diets and macrobiotic diets which flush out the toxins and aid weight loss.

#3. Shape and Tone Your Body

The best part of health retreats is that they allow you to reshape your body with fun and enjoyable activities.

On the off chance, if you choose to go for a fitness retreat, they offer you fitness programs that might help you shed extra pounds.

Thus, they can be a chance to boost your workout abilities.

#4. Natural Destinations

Usually, wellness retreats are located among the wonders of nature and offer you beautiful surroundings.

It helps you reconnect with nature and give yourself a healthy touch of benefits.

Thus, health retreats help you escape the pollution and stress of modern life and help you live the older way.

#5. Long-Lasting Health Benefits

A visit to a health retreat gives you the glow on your skin which you look for. 

This gives you the motivation to stick to your healthy routine.

They also impart various life skills and knowledge which stays with you for a long time.

Apart from this, you learn better ways of stress management.

#6. Break Free from Old Bad Habits

Health retreats offer you a break from bad habits like smoking during lunch breaks. 

Quite precisely, it often helps you get rid of these habits.

With a planned schedule and peaceful environment, a health retreat is a chance to form new healthy routines over the bad ones.

#7. Great Way to Meet New People

Group health retreats are a great way to meet new people and socialize. 

Moreover, if you are on a solo trip, meeting new people will be a great way to get a refresher.

With your fitness goals matching, there are high chances of you meeting like-minded people and becoming friends forever.

#8. Focus on Relaxation

Relaxing your body is the major focus of some of the best health retreats in the world. 

Thus, the environment and the programs help your mind go on a relaxed mode, giving you a stress-free lifestyle.

#9. Brings Out Your Inner Creativity

Health retreats encourage your thoughts and help you bring out your inner creativity by making you think positively.

Moreover, the positive surroundings take those negative thoughts out of your mind giving you the freedom to think.

Thus, altogether, they heal your body, soul, and mind.

However, the world sees a huge number of health retreats that might confuse you with which one to go for.

Let us help you with that in the following section.


How Do I Choose a Wellness Retreat?

Tired of searching for “wellness retreats near me” but couldn’t choose the right one?

Well, choosing a health retreat is not an easy job. You don’t have a hold on what and why you want to visit it.

Thus, before you google anything, make sure you ask yourself the following questions.

#1. What kind of a traveler are you?

There are various kinds of travelers, and, thus, the first thing you need to find out is what sort of a trip you want.

#2. What benefits do you want out of this trip?

When planning a trip, one of the most important things to ask yourself is what is your goal out of this trip!

Keep a track of what you want to achieve to get the best out of the place you are going to.

#3. What ambiance suits you the most?

Looking for a luxury resort or something like a beautiful boutique?

Choosing the accommodation that you want will be helpful in booking your retreat.

#4. What are the programs that you want on your list?

Wellness retreats offer you many programs. Go for the one that matches your interest, or else your money might go in vain.

#5. Which season suits your travel plan?

Now, you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, thus, the next question to answer is when?

Thus, try picking out the season you want to travel in and book the dates.

#6. How far can you go?

Domestic or international?

Choose your retreat according to your comfort zone of traveling.

#7. What would be your perfect day on this trip?

Put your imagination at work and etch out a perfect day from the trip where you will be the happiest.

Now, pick out a retreat that offers you the same.

#8. Are you traveling solo or with someone?

If you are taking a travel partner with you, you might need to answer the above questions with them to plan out a perfect trip.

#9. What is your budget?

Budget is crucial to plan out the whole trip.

Thus, make out a clear-cut budget before making the whole trip a tick!


Wrapping Up

Health retreats are getting popular with people these days. 

With so many best health retreats in the world, here’s a blog that offers you a list of places you might want to visit.

In the above blog, we offer a brief take on the list of places that you can plan to visit if you are thinking of escaping the fast-paced world!

Apart from this, the blog also offers you a brief guide on how you can choose the best retreat for yourself as well as your family and friends.

Thus, give all the retreats a thorough review before you decide on a particular destination.

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