Face Yoga: Real Transformations with 6 Exercises to Do at Home

does face yoga work

Face Yoga: Real Transformations with 6 Exercises to Do at Home

Can working your face muscles take wrinkles off your face? The data so far shows it actually can benefit facial muscles in more than one way. 

Workouts play an important role in shaping and toning your body, but ever heard of the workouts that tone your facial muscles too?

Yes, you heard that right!

Many such workouts help tone your facial muscles and make you glow with more youthful and healthy-looking skin.

These exercises help in toning your facial skin and give you a plumper and more radiant complexion that lasts pretty longer than your usual post-yoga glow-up.

So, face yoga does work when done the right way.

But what makes these sets of exercises more helpful is their ability to fight aging signs and fill in the hollowness of the cheeks while minimizing all your aging signs.

The moves mainly focus on strengthening and building up the underlying muscles in key areas of your facial features like cheekbone, eyelids, and eyebrows.

It sounds pretty exciting, isn’t it?

We know it does! 

That’s why we bring to you some of the best face yoga tricks and techniques that will help you pull off face yoga in the right manner.

To curb down your curiosity about yoga, let us start our blog by giving you some key highlights on what face yoga actually is all about.


What is Face Yoga?

To keep it simple, face yoga is a set of exercises where you workout to tone and isolate your facial muscles.

Our face has many such tiny muscles which are constantly at work to give you those perfect expressions!

But all these muscles are ignored as what we look for are goals of achieving a firmer body!

For example, our eye has 10 active muscles working constantly without rest to perform all your activities like winking, blinking, and squinting.

Like every other muscle of your body needs toning, your facial muscles also need the same to fight fatigue and tiredness.

You might say that the brush-up of these muscles with daily activities is enough to keep them going.

However, facial yoga is not just about brushing them up.

Face yoga is way more than that!

Facial yoga lays special focus on strengthening each of the muscles precisely as you isolate its movement.

Now, many readers might still be stuck with questions like does face yoga actually work.

According to some, there’s still not a solid body of evidence, enough to encourage them to try these moves.

For all such readers, let us handle the situation more closely by having a look at a few pieces of evidence which point towards facial yoga before and after transformations.


Does the Face Yoga Method Really Work?

Does the Face Yoga Method Really Work

Many people might wonder if doing all those facial exercises will actually bring in some changes in how their face looks or how it feels!

The answer is YES!

The method definitely works when followed daily as facial aging is because of muscle loss. And when you follow a routine of exercising daily, you only strengthen these muscles.

Thus, with regular exercise, you make your facial muscles stronger and help them stay intact, giving you a more youthful look!

Here, we also got some research that claims regular exercising has a deep impact on your facial glow and skin.

Let us present you with the proof to help you understand the link between face yoga and your facial skin deeper.

#1.  According to research conducted back in 2018 at Northwestern University, people who followed regular face yoga for 20 weeks showed firmer facial skin with fuller upper and lower cheeks.

The study involved following the routine for 30 minutes a day for the first 8 weeks, then every other day afterward.

It saw a participation of 16 women aged between 45 to 60 who wished to see fuller cheeks and look 3 years younger.

The results were positive and the study was pretty successful.

#2. In another study which was held for two months, 30 minutes of regular face yoga proved to yield an increase in fullness of cheeks and the skin appeared pretty younger.

Altogether, these different pieces of evidence pointed towards yoga being an effective natural solution to rejuvenating your facial skin.

Apart from this, we also went through some major “does face yoga work reviews” only to find that many people have already tried and tested the method and it has turned out to be positive!

Let us show you a few of such face yoga reviews in the form of transformation pictures that people have posted!


Can Face Yoga Really Work – Before and After Transformations and Results!

The best way to find out if a method can really work is by looking at the reviews that people have posted about it.

Considering this, we went through different face yoga before and after reviews to make sure that the method is effective and well trusted.

While searching for our answers to “does face yoga work before and after pictures and reviews” we came across the following results that the exercises offer:

  • Toned facial muscles 
  • Less droopy eyelids
  • Slimmer face line
  • Relaxed forehead
  • Reduction in under-eye bags
  • Sculpted face line than before
  • Less nasolabial folds
  • Toned cheeks

You can also see such results in some of the pictures that people have posted after following the face yoga method on a regular basis!

Face yoga before and after

Facial exercise before and after

Face yoga results

Now, with these results, many of you would be wondering if there are any side effects of face yoga or is there anything that’s not good about yoga!

In simple words, you might already know the pros, but the mind still wanders towards the cons!

Thus, in our next section, we bring out a detailed take on the pros and cons of face yoga to help you get clarity.


Pros and Cons of Face Yoga – Is Facial Exercise Good Or Bad?

Every coin has two sides!

Similarly, any method can have a good side as well as a bad side.

Though, it’s on us whether we choose to stick with the positive numbers of pros or go ahead with that one con.

Considering this, here we have the pros as well as the cons of face yoga that might want you to rethink your decision.

Pros of Face Yoga

There are 5 reasons why experts suggest including face yoga in your beauty regime.

#1. Less Expensive than Surgeries

Many people try surgeries for a sharper jawline and an uplifted face.

These surgeries could actually hurt your pocket.

Plus, similar benefits can be availed for free if you switch to 30 minutes of face yoga daily.

#2. Makes Your Face Plump Naturally without Any Side Effects

Botox is one of the most famous artificial ways to get your face to look plumper!

But this can be literally toxic for you!

With daily face yoga, you naturally make your face look plumper and dodge the need for any sort of botox.

#3. Slows Down the Aging Process

Numerous anti-aging creams in the market might just boast of being real help but all that you get with them are side effects and chemicals and no results.

Face yoga, on the other hand, provides your muscles strength which keeps them from losing out early and making your face look old.

#4. Tones Facial Muscles

All your muscles need toning and proper care.

Through toning, your muscles tighten and make your face look younger.

As you exercise your face, you enhance the blood and oxygen supply to your face.

Thus, making your skin healthier.

#5. Eliminates Double Chin

Facial fat is one of the most stubborn areas of fat deposition which leads to a double chin and it usually doesn’t go off.

By following daily 30 minutes of face yoga, you can easily get rid of the double chin and those extra layers of fat.

 Next up, we have a look at some of the cons that come along with the pros of facial yoga.

Cons of Face Yoga

Here are some of the reasons why facial exercises might not be good for you:

 #1. Face Yoga Can Cause Wrinkles

While going through the reviews, we came across many questions like “does face yoga cause wrinkles”.

And to our astonishment, there are some of the exercises involved that might cause you wrinkles.

Fortunately, that only happens if you don’t follow the steps correctly!

#2. Might Make Your Face Look Bulky

The basic idea behind face yoga is to lift your muscles. But for lifting, your muscles need to be huge.

This upliftment and bulk in your muscles may cause visible veins and a stronger jaw which most women do not desire!

Thus, it might not be good for all women, depending on how they desire to look.

#3. Might Cause Physical Problems

If you don’t follow the right set of exercises, you might experience facial cramps and even locked jaws.

Thus, it’s always recommended to follow a suitable set of exercises.

To help you with that, here we have the top 6 exercises that you can try for your facial workout.


6 Best At-Home Face Yoga Exercises

Want to go for face yoga and give it a try?

Here are 6 exercises that you can include in your daily routine! 

You can start with an initial 10 minutes of exercising daily and then take it up to 20 minutes in later days.

#1. Cheek Lifter  

For this exercise, you need to open your mouth in the form of an “O”.

Now place your upper lip right above your teeth and smile to lift your cheek muscles right under your eyes.

Now, relax your cheek muscles to lower them.

Then smile again pushing your cheeks towards your eyes.

Repeat the exercise by pushing your cheeks up and bringing them down for 10 minutes.

#2. Happy Cheeks Sculpting

For this exercise, you need to smile without showing your cheeks and then roll out your lip to expose them.

Try smiling with the corners of your mouth as you feel the corners of your mouth burn.

Now, place your index fingers at the corners of your mouth and push them above towards the eye.

When you reach the end of your cheekbone while doing so, hold for 20 seconds.

Repeat the whole process thrice.

#3. The Eyebrow Lifter

Press three fingertips under every one of your eyebrows to drive your eyes open. 

Grin as you attempt to bring down your eyebrows against your fingers and then hold.

At that point close your eyes and roll your eyeballs toward the highest point of your head. 

Hold for 20 seconds and continue to grin. Repeat this three times.

#4. Jaw and Neck Firmer

Open your mouth and make an “aah” sound. 

Crease your lower lip and the edges of your lips into your mouth and hold firmly as you broaden your lower jaw forward. 

Using your lower jaw, gather up gradually as you close your mouth, pulling your jawline up around 1 inch each time you scoop, and while doing so shift your head in reverse. 

Open and close your lower jaw multiple times. 

On the tenth scoop, your jawline must be towards the roof.

Stand still in this position for 20 seconds and consider the sides of your cheek up. 

Repeat multiple times.

#5. Temple Developer

Press your fingertips at your temples as you close your jaw, holding your teeth together and shifting your jaw up. 

Grip your teeth and focus on the temple area, attempting to move your ears in reverse. 

Hold for 10 seconds. At this point, grasp your back teeth down and hold for 10 seconds. 

Your temple muscles should flex with each grasp. Unwind and afterward, practice multiple times.

#6. The Forehead Smoother

Clench your hand into loose fists and place them on your forehead.

Apply pressure using the knuckles between two of your middle fingers.

Now, draw your fists apart until your knuckles are touching your temples and apply as much pressure as comfortable.

With your daily routine set, you are now ready to kick it off with some facial exercises that work.

But one thing that needs to be very carefully noted is the time it will take to show effects.


How Long Does Face Yoga Take to Work?

Facial yoga

While searching through the internet, you might find very negative responses to questions like do face yoga method work or can face exercises reverse signs of aging.

This is because of the half-knowledge of the time taken by exercises to show results.

For gaining results from a particular facial workout, you must spare at least 30 minutes of your time daily for 6-7 weeks.

Moreover, you should also have a constant check with your dermatologist before taking up any facial exercise as some exercises don’t work for everyone.

Apart from this, make sure you follow the right technique as the wrong techniques might etch deeper wrinkles.


Final Thoughts

With the world getting curious about face yoga, it’s normal for you to have questions surrounding the effectiveness of facial exercises. 

So, here is our take on this most buzzing topic.

Face yoga does work.

All you need to ascertain is the right moves targeted at the facial parts you want to work.

Plus, make sure you’re not overdoing this, especially without any consultation from a dermatologist.

Just invest 20-30 minutes of your morning routine, and you’ll see the differences soon enough. 

In the above segments, we dug out several layers of deeper information regarding face yoga or facial workout.

But that’s not it, we also brought out some really beneficial exercises that you can include in your daily skincare routine.

With this said, we come to the end of our blog hoping that the information was helpful to you.

So, are you planning to include face yoga in your beauty regime or have you ever tried any of the exercises?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments box below. 


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