Simple Ways to Lose Stubborn Love Handles in Just 30 Days

how to get rid of love handles in a month

Simple Ways to Lose Stubborn Love Handles in Just 30 Days

Having a tough time getting rid of the muffin top? You’re not alone! Give yourself a month’s time to make the right changes and see the results roll in!

There are specific sections in the body where you can have a stubborn fat deposition. The buttocks, thighs, belly, and abdomen are the first ones to come to mind. 

However, out of all, the sides of your waistline are the most susceptible spot to have visible layers of fat.

And you know what! It’s frustrating when you can’t wear low-waist jeans even if you want to.

Certain body types are more likely to get love handles aka the muffin top.  

If you’ve been on your weight loss journey for even a few days, you already know how difficult these fat deposits can be to get rid of.

So, today, we’re going to make things easier.

Hang in there, don’t quit, and read on to reveal some of the curated tips to finally get the body of your dreams. 

Let’s find out how to lose love handles in a month.


How to Get Rid of Love Handles in a Month? [4 Steps]

First of all, you’ll have to be disciplined.

All you need to do is make changes in your diet and exercise plan.

Yes, that’s all you need to do. 

  1. Plan a scheduled exercise plan and get in some planks and crunches.
  2. Fix up your diet and include fiber and protein-rich foods.
  3. Avoid sweeteners and increase water intake.
  4. Maintain a regular sleep schedule and keep stress under control.

Don’t fall for the fake schemes out there telling you to lose love handles overnight or in just 3 days as if some magic is going to happen. 

As a matter of fact, your body needs time to adjust. 

Plus, the amount of fat bulk you’re aiming to lose also determines the time period. 

With that out of the way, there’s hope if you’re ready to give it at least a month’s time. 

There can be substantial improvements within one month. And we’re not talking about some quick fix or snake oil solution.

First off, these are the exercises to get rid of love handles fast in 30 days. 

If you follow these, you can actually get rid of love handles in a month.


Follow an Exercise Plan

how to get rid of love handles in a month

Exercises like side planks, scissors, aerobics, bicycle crunches, and even some yoga poses are quite effective.

Practicing them every day for 30-45 minutes can help you get rid of love handles in a month or maybe less, depending on your current weight.

Start with these exercises to get rid of love handles:

#1. Side Planks

Side planks

  • Rest your body sideways.
  • Support the upper body on elbows.
  • Raise the full body off the floor and hold for a few seconds.
  • Lie back in the initial position.
  • Repeat on one side 5 times, and then change sides.

#2. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches

  • Lie on your back.
  • Place your hands beneath your head to support the neck.
  • Fold the right knee and pull your legs towards the upper body or torso while performing a standard crunch by trying to reach the right knee with the left elbow. (Keep the left leg extended in the air and left foot a few inches away from the floor)
  • Switch legs and then perform the same with the left leg.
  • Repeat 5 times with each leg.


If you want to lose love handles fast, try to increase the intensity gradually and perform repeated reps with short rest periods.

#3. Mountain Climbers Twist

Mountain Climbers Twist


  • Get on your hands and toes.
  • Keep your core tight.
  • Bring left knee forward under your chest while keeping right leg straight with toes on the ground.
  • Switch legs and perform the same with the other leg.
  • Repeat. Do 5-10 sets each day.

#4. The Saw

  • Sit on a yoga mat.
  • Spread both legs. Make sure you stretch them only to limits you are comfortable with.
  • Stretch both your arms out to the side with palms facing forward.
  • Twist your torso to touch your right foot with your left hand (Try touching the little toe of your right foot).
  • Exhale slowly as you get a little farther into the twist.
  • Inhale and return to the sitting position while keeping the torso turned.
  • Now, exhale and get to the initial position.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • Practice at least 10 sets each day. 


Don’t lean your torso forward as you twist. Keep the pelvis steady and the hip bones placed onto the mat.

#5. Russian Twist

Russian Twist

  • Sit on your sit bones as you keep the knees bent.
  • Balance your body in such a way that your legs are lifted in the air. Don’t let your legs touch the ground.
  • Now, fold your hands and twist the upper body sideways.
  • Don’t release the body until you complete 5 rounds. 

#6. Triangle Twist

Triangle Twist

  • Stand on a yoga mat.
  • Place the legs wide.
  • Try to bend your body sideways to touch the feet with one hand while the other should be straight up in the air.
  • Repeat on the other side.

Besides planning an exercise routine, it’s important to look after what you eat.


Fix Your Diet

Cutting out sugar, excess fat, and salt can make a significant change in the body. 

Add fruits, leafy veggies, water, and juice to your diet.

How to Get Rid of Love Handles: Diet Plan

Diet Plan to get rid of love handles

Diet is an integral part of weight loss. 

Thus, it’s extremely important to restrict diet to healthier options.

Let us look into what changes in diet can make a mark:

#1. Fiber-Rich Foods

Before figuring out how to get rid of love handles in a month, understand these fat deposits adhere strongly to your body. 

Just exercising isn’t enough. 

Adding in fiber-rich foods can help you lose love handles faster.

Fiber foods like quinoa, oats, sweet potato, and guacamole help in the breakdown of fat.

In fact, eating quinoa for weight loss has solid data behind it.

Add fruits rich in fiber to your diet. They also have natural sugars that are sufficient for your body.

#2. Green Veggies

Green veggies are rich in micronutrients like zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, and manganese. These are just a few to name. 

Green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, green peas, and brussels sprouts are highly nutritious.

They make an excellent choice for salads, vegetables, and smoothies.

Green vegetables have flavonoids that help to get rid of love handles. 

The high pectin fiber content breaks down fat completely within a month.

#3. Protein Diet

If you work hard, your body needs to rebuild the tissues. So, increase protein intake in your body.

Add eggs, beans, lentils, low-fat chicken, or fish to your diet.

Cook them in low-fat oil and consume them along with salad greens. It’s important to have the ideal protein count for tissue rebuilding.

Even after exercise, it’s important to have a diet rich in protein.

#4. Healthy Snack Alternatives

Healthy snack

Snacks make an important part of the meal. You can try healthy snacks like quinoa cookies, oatmeal chocolate chips, or fruit shakes. 

There are several options for healthy snacks. Try to opt for nuts, eggs, or carb-rich content to get better alternatives.

Now, we’ve all learned about the exercises and diet which can get rid of love handles in a month. 

What’s left is making some changes in the other areas of your life.


Make Healthy Lifestyle Decisions Every Chance You Get

Change in routine is necessary to change your body. 

Ample sleep and no smoking or alcohol is a vital step towards that. 

Managing lifestyle is crucial to get a healthy body!

Some tips to follow on how to get rid of love handle in a month are as follows:

#1. Avoid Not Eating Anything

The most common misconception:

“If I won’t eat anything, I would get rid of love handles in a month.” 

No, not really. Not eating anything can cause extreme dizziness, and, worse, a trip to the ER. Eat small portions all day long.

It’s actually beneficial for the body if you eat the right foods.

#2. Increase Water Intake

how to get rid of love handles in a month

The body’s diet is made up of water. Hydrate your body as much as you can.

Water will help in boosting metabolism and breaking down the fat.

Juices are an excellent way to keep you hydrated. So, opt for it.

#3. Post Workout Care

Workouts are quite tough, and it is even tougher to rebuild the tissues. 

You might search for ways on how to lose love handles in 2 weeks. This might lead you down the path of vigorous workouts that may leave you cramped.

Remember, rest between workouts is compulsory to rebuild muscle and shred fat.

The crux of the matter is to pay attention to sore muscles by massages, warm compressors, etc.

#4. Avoid Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are immediate weight gain products. 

They increase fat deposition around the waist almost immediately. 

Rather try natural alternatives like honey, jaggery, or organic sugar.

#5. Ample Sleep 

The best post-workout care is adequate sleep.

8 hours of sleep is not only crucial for the brain but also for the muscles.

The best way to recover is through ample rest.

Follow this and you would see significant recovery by morning. 

Not only that, you would be refreshed enough to start afresh.

#6. Keep the Stress Away

Manage Stress

Stress is the root cause of several changes in the body.

There is a direct connection between stress and low metabolism

Hence, it’s important to lower stress levels to get a healthy body in a month.

Now that we have witnessed snippets on how to get rid of love handles in a month, let’s focus on the duration. 

How long does it take to lose belly fat and love handles

Here’s your answer.


How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of Love Handles?

Weight loss aspirants’ top question: how long does it take to lose love handles?

The answer to this depends on the amount of fat you want to lose and how long your body can workout without falling ill.

As a matter of fact, you can lose love handles in about two weeks. 

All you need is a rigorous exercise routine and a diet to lose love handles in 2 weeks. Yes, it’s all possible!

Moreover, the period for getting rid of love handles also depends on your dedication. 

Most people take some time. For that reason, one month is a practical time limit given by trainers too.

The reason for taking a month to get rid of love handles is to let the body get accustomed to the needful changes.

Interestingly, during our research, the most popular searches we found were about how to lose love handles fast in 1 week

This may sound feasible, but fat cells take time to break down. 

Moreover, if you increase the duration of exercising, you may end up with a fatigued body and irritable mind. 

Just like any physical reaction, body transformation takes time. 

If you want to go for natural ways, go for workouts that don’t tire you a lot.

It’s best to make efforts each day and make changes according to improvements. Take one day at a time!

With that said, it’s imperative to know the fault within daily habits to start making corrections.

Thus, you must get informed about the root cause of these fat deposits as well. 

So, let’s look at the causes of love handles.


What Causes Love Handles?

What causes love handles

Love handles are caused by a sluggish metabolism and heaps of fat deposits. 

Fat gets stored near the abdomen area because it’s a convenient spot. 

Not only that, the lower waist can be a dumping ground of triglycerides and fat.

There can be several reasons for a poor metabolism, though. Some of them are:

#1. A Sedentary Lifestyle

We get little or no time for ourselves. It’s such an issue that people get diseases like diabetes, hypertension, or obesity. 

The fat cells get deposited over time and affect the metabolism.

#2. Poor Sleep Schedule

Sleep is a vital process in bodybuilding. You might not take the 8-hour sleep cycle seriously, but it has adverse effects on the body.

It’s the vital reason for love handles.

#3. Over-Consumption of Trans Fat Foods

High-fat food causes a slow down in metabolism. Ultimately, it forms loose belly or love handles.

#4. Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones play an important role in the metabolic activities of the body. They affect estrogen levels and thyroid hormones, too.

#5. Genetic Disorder

Genetic disorders may lead to weight gain. Furthermore, this causes poor metabolic activities in some people.

So, now we hope you have a rough idea of what might be causing your love handles.

With all that addressed, here are some answers you might find interesting.


Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes down to how to get rid of love handles in a month, there are certain questions that we all wonder about. 

So, there you go! Here are the precise answers to two of the most-asked questions.

#1. Is it possible to lose love handles in 2 weeks?

Improvements are often visible within 15 days. 

You can see your body start losing the extra weight within a fortnight with the right diet to lose love handles in 2 weeks.

But to get in proper shape, you need a month. It’s more realistic for most people, so to speak.

It’s important to remember the body’s limitations too. 

Ideally, love handles start to go away in a month through consistent exercise and a healthy diet.

#2. How long does it take to get rid of love handles by running?

Running is an important aerobic exercise that can help get rid of love handles. However, the duration depends on the results. 

This means that if you devote 15 minutes a day to running, you might lose love handles in a month. 

If you devote 30 minutes each day, then it might take 10 days, and so on.

However, it’s recommended to jog, run, and walk in a 30 minutes period each day. 

Divide the period into 15 minutes between the morning and evening or whichever way suits you.


Word of Advice

There are too many love handles before and after comparisons pics you can find online.

Most of the authentic ones will tell you it’s all about the right lifestyle before anything else.

Plus, there are several searches on how to get rid of love handles in a month, but the only proven factor is consistency. 

Love handles are the easiest and most convenient place for the body to dispose of extra fat. They are an indicator of the body storing triglycerides and fat for later use. 

However, if the belly region gets too heavy, it’s the body’s indication to get rid of the love handles.

The easy way out to get rid of love handles in one month is to exercise regularly, eat the right way, and sleep well. 

Try to incorporate the above tips for a few months, and then later, these would become a natural part of your healthy lifestyle. 

Get ready to say goodbye to love handles with the above exercises and diet suggestions.

Any other tips you might want to add? We look forward to your suggestions. Drop them right down in the comments section.

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