Snoring in Females: What are Its Causes and Best Home Remedies

What causes snoring in females

Snoring in Females: What are Its Causes and Best Home Remedies

According to orthodox conception, snoring and women are two contradictory words while being stigmatized with a certain level of abomination. Well, news flash, women do snore and just as loudly as men. Irrespective of these limiting beliefs, snoring in females is more of a medical condition than anything else. This blog is an attempt to find what causes snoring in females.

Are you unable to sleep with your partner snoring at night? Or your husband has captured a video of you snoring while sleeping?

In either of these situations, it’s rather humiliating for you.

However, it doesn’t matter how unladylike snoring may seem, being a female doesn’t offer you immunity from it. 

The causes can be rooted in aging, medical conditions, or even being overweight.

In fact, it’s rather natural for women to snore as they age. Still, it can be a detestable experience for the one sleeping with you.

You might have a sound sleep. But, on the contrary, the hoarse sound would make it tough for your partner to shut their eyes off for even a couple of hours.

The question here is what causes snoring in females!

Well, we’ve done our homework to present this blog with every valuable piece of information in this regard.

So, let’s begin with the most highlighted question before we get into the solutions to stop snoring immediately…


What Causes Snoring in Females?

Well, what causes snoring in general? 

It can occur because of several issues including oral anatomy, allergies, sinus anatomy, the person’s weight, a cold, or even a jaw joint disorder. Usually, when you sleep, muscle in the tongue, mouth, and throat relaxes, causing you to snore. This occurs due to a partially blocked airway. 

Certainly, some of the causes may sound completely ridiculous.

However, the cause of snoring differs from person to person. Still, a sleep study can reveal the reason behind snoring.  Thus, we tried to find out the Causes of Snoring in Young Females.


What Causes Women to Snore?

Most snoring cases are in men. That’s why snoring in women sounds a bit bizarre. Surprisingly, the reason lies in the anatomy of male and female bodies.

The air passages are narrower in men compared to the air passages of women. This clarifies why snoring affects males more than females. 

Of course, a narrower air passage contributes to snoring in women too. Nevertheless, when discussing What Causes Snoring in Young Females, that’s not about it.

In fact, there is a rather long list of the Reasons for Snoring in Females.

Here you can find yours!

Top 5 Causes of Snoring
  • Age – A woman aged more than 30 is more likely to experience snoring.
  • Menopause – After PMS, a woman’s body can transform to cause snoring.
  • OSA – Obstructive sleep apnea is an uncommon issue in women and is probably responsible for what causes females to snore in some cases.
  • Weight – Having more weight builds up excess fat around the neck area. Eventually, this can affect your air passage by partially blocking it and contributing to snoring.
  • Pregnancy – Weight gain during pregnancy can have a similar effect. It can make blood vessels expand in the nasal cavity. Certainly, in one way or another, it contributes to snoring.

Apart from these, some other factors can be a possible reason behind snoring in females.

Obviously, such factors are a matter of medical diagnosis. Next, let’s check out some more factors on snoring in females.


Studies on Snoring in Females


A study on Wiley online library suggests that self-reported snoring leads to several negative impacts on sleep patterns. Also, it has a negative effect on coronary artery disease and depressive disorders.


Another study on patients who snore and have Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome (OSAS) tried to find a relation between headache, snoring, and sleep apnoea.

The study was done on 30–64 years participants in central Sweden. 18% of the group reported headaches upon awakening.


A study found no difference in the intensity of the snoring between different sexes. Moreover, the results concluded that women underreport their cases and undervalue the loudness of their snoring.

Thus, more awareness is needed under current circumstances to make women recognize their access to sleep laboratories. Eventually, this would likely also increase diagnostic rates of sleep apnea in females.

These studies certainly reveal some surprising facts about snoring among women.

Early signs and Symptoms of Snoring in Females can help in the initial diagnosis. Thus, taking a detailed look into this aspect is crucial to get at what causes snoring in females. 


Diagnosing the Symptoms of Snoring in Females

Often, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is the reason behind snoring in women. However, not all females who snore suffer from OSA. In some cases, patients have other symptoms as well.

Thus, a proper diagnosis by a medical professional is important. 

Some of the early Symptoms of Snoring in Females are mentioned below.

Warning Signs of Snoring You Shouldn't Ignore
  • Restless sleep
  • Chest pain at night
  • High blood pressure
  • Trouble concentrating and maintaining focus
  • Headaches in the morning
  • Panting or choking at night
  • Sore throat upon waking up in the morning
  • Too much daytime sleepiness
  • Observed breathing hiatuses during sleep
  • Excessive loud snoring disturbing your partner’s sleep

Oftentimes, OSA accompanies loud snoring with intervals of silence when breathing completely stops or nearly halts.

These gaps in breathing will make you wake up. Generally, you would wake up with a loud snort or gasping sound.

This disturbs the sleeping pattern, affecting the sleep quality. In fact, OSA patients experience slower breathing at least five times every hour of sleep.


Is Snoring Dangerous?

Snoring accompanied with the above Symptoms of Snoring in Females can be serious.

This may indicate a condition of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Thus, medical supervision is critical in such a scenario.

In a girl child, discussing with a pediatrician is indeed crucial. A child can also have OSA.

Nose and throat issues like enlarged tonsils and obesity can narrow down a child’s air passage. Hence, this can lead to the development of OSA.


Snoring Treatment | How to Stop Snoring in Females?

Snoring isn’t a threatening condition. However, it bothers your partner and can be embarrassing in many instances.

Rather than worrying incessantly, trying a few lifestyle changes and natural solutions are likely to be of help.

Here’s How to Stop Snoring in Females with some of the Best Home Remedies for Snoring!

#1: Sleep Position—Are You Sleeping Right?

When you lie on your back, the base of your tongue and supple palate fall to your throat’s back wall. 

Eventually, this results in a vibrating sound during your sleep. In fact, sleeping on your side may help avoid this.

Moreover, a body pillow offers an easy fix. In fact, the full-length pillow helps you sleep on your side. Surprisingly, it can show a dramatic difference.

It may be ridiculed but taping a tennis ball on your back can prevent you from sleeping on your back. Instead, you can adjust your position with your head up extended. 

This will keep your nasal airway passages open, preventing you from snoring. However, the downside of doing it is neck pain.

If snoring persists after altering sleep position, OSA is likely to blame for what causes snoring in females.

#2: Get Slimmer

Weight gain is a probable reason behind snoring in some females. Thus, among many ways on How to Stop Someone from Snoring is also asking them to lose some weight! (if they are overweight in the first place, of course).

However, this may cause the person you’re asking to get repulsive towards you. So, talking out these issues patiently and in a safe environment is rather important.

Well, weight gain can cause heavy snoring issues as fat builds up around your neck. This reduces the internal passage of the throat. 

Thus, when you sleep, you naturally snore. So, losing weight in such circumstances is a great help. However, thin people snore too, but they have different Snoring Causes and Effects.

#3: Dump Alcohol

When you have alcohol and sedative, it lessens the resting tone of muscle present in the back of your throat. 

Naturally, it makes you more likely to snore. Moreover, drinking alcohol four to five hours before going to bed will worsen snoring. Surprisingly, people who don’t snore are more likely to do it after alcohol consumption.

#4: Good Sleep Hygiene

Poor sleeping habits have similar effects as alcohol. In fact, working for long hours with no rest and no sleep can exhaust you completely.

Thus, the lack of a good night’s sleep causes the muscle to turn floppier. Thus, leading to snoring.

#5: Open and Clear Nasal Passages

Does snoring start from your nose? According to the guide on How to Stop Snoring Immediately, clearing or opening nasal passages may help. Doing so makes the movement of air slower.

When your nose is stuffed or narrowed because of blockage or cold, the fast-moving air may make you snore. 

Getting a hot shower before hitting the bed clears nasal passages. Moreover, rinsing your nose with a saltwater rinse in the shower can help.

Besides, nasal strips can uplift the nasal passages keeping them open. Well, this would be effective if the problem is present in the nose and not within the soft palate.

#6: Time To Get New Pillows

Allergens can be another factor that causes snoring in females. So, it’s time to do the dusting and replace your pillows.

Dust mites pile up in pillows resulting in allergic reactions that contribute to snoring. Moreover, letting pets on the bed make you breathe in animal dander. This is yet another factor for snoring in females! If you sleep well during the daytime but snore at night, these factors contribute to snoring.

So, every couple of weeks, letting your pillows in the air fluff cycle can help. Also replacing them every six months minimizes dust mites and allergens.

#7: Keep Yourself Hydrated

Staying hydrated can help prevent snoring. Actually, when you’re dehydrated, the secretion in your sole and soft palate gets stickier. Hence, it contributes to more snoring.

According to the Institute of Medicine, healthy females should have almost 11 cups of water as a part of their whole diet. On the other hand, men should have 16 cups of water.


These were a few lifestyle changes you would receive as suggestions from specialists for snoring treatment. Though, are there any suggestions when it comes to diet? You bet, there is!


What to Eat to Stop Snoring

Well, there isn’t a special diet plan that can help. However, having more liquid-based meals can help as it keeps you hydrated and maintains slow airflow.

We’ve already discussed Snoring in Females and What Causes It along with the treatment.

Still, we need to look into other aspects at the same time. What it all comes down to is determining if snoring really is detrimental to your overall health.

So, Is Snoring Bad for Your Health?

Let’s dig in!


When Should You Worry About Snoring?

While snoring, your breathing stops repeatedly for small periods. This happens because the throat muscle is unable to keep the airway open.

Eventually, not only it results in fragmented sleep but also lowers oxygen levels in the blood. In short, it can put you at a higher risk of cardiac issues like hypertension and heart disease. Besides, insufficient sleep results in excessive fatigue. 
According to the National Sleep Foundation, almost 18 million people have OSA, most of them undiagnosed.

Mostly, snoring doesn’t affect the snorers but does disturb the sleeping pattern of their bed partner. Where most cases are in men, snoring is common in women too.

So, if your partner is gaping and gasping while you’re busy sleeping and snoring, it’s time to visit the doc.

Actually, most primary care doctors don’t normally check on sleeping habits. Thus, referring to a specialist is necessary.

Snoring has been a big tool for writers to add humor in their plays for centuries. A fluffy overweight giant, generating loud noise that lifts off the roof and wakes up the whole neighborhood is prevalent as a plot theme.

However, snoring isn’t really that funny. In fact, it can be a sign of a serious medical condition.

Now, we’ve shared every vital information on snoring in females. Lastly, we’ve shared our final words summing up the entire blog. Do read it.


Snoring in Females | Final Words

Among the many stereotypes in the world, one is women don’t snore. 

However, it is completely untrue. Women do snore but the cases are far lesser than men. Where in men, it’s just a health issue, in women, it is viewed as more of an embarrassment.

Regardless, we suggest you take it normally as it isn’t that concerning. However, in certain scenarios, the cases can be a bit complicated due to accompanying problems. 

With applicable treatment and lifestyle changes, you can get rid of snoring. Here’s a quick recap on how to do it.

How To Stop Snoring at Night: Home Remedies

Where there is a problem, there is a solution. In fact, reducing snoring and completely getting rid of it is possible.

You just have to check on this quick guide on how to reduce snoring in women. 

  1. Choose the correct pillow
  2. Alter sleeping posture
  3. Prevent additional weight gain
  4. Keep hydrated
  5. Perform exercises
  6. Maintain Sleep Hygiene
  7. Open your nasal passages if blocked 

Now, you’re well aware of what causes snoring in females and the applicable treatments. From today onwards, try to implement these lifestyle changes.

If nothing helps, it may be time to pay a visit to your doctor to figure out the causes. While many people let snoring pass as a normal condition, it’s more responsible to seek treatment. Not to mention, it’ll also help you figure out the exact cause.

Remember, there are effective treatments out there, some even all-natural and fast-acting. 

So, there’s really not much to worry about other than your sleeping partner getting furious with lack of sleep (in case you don’t seek a solution). 


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