Pectoral Exercises for Perkier Breasts [With and Without Weights]

chest workouts to lift breasts

Pectoral Exercises for Perkier Breasts [With and Without Weights]

Perk up your breasts naturally with routine exercises at home…Breast lifting workouts are noted to help develop pectoral muscles lying underneath the chest.

Troubled with your breasts not looking firm and attractive? Well, you are not the only one!

We, women, tend to body shame ourselves for not having breasts that look firm, bouncy, and attractive. On top of that are the unachievable beauty standards set by the glamour industry.

As a result, women of age might seek solutions to perk up and firm their boobs naturally, of course without having to go through surgical procedures. 

If you’re one of them, some chest workouts to lift breasts can be just the answer to your problem.

These exercises can tone your chest muscles to give an appearance of perkier and fuller breasts.

Most importantly, these will work your thighs, hips, and belly as well. 


[8] Best Chest Workouts for Women – Lift Your Breasts Naturally

Here is the list of breast workouts that you can try to give your boobs a perkier and firmer look. 

Many of these chest workouts to lift breasts target different muscle groups in and around the bust area, working up the pectoral muscles. 

The result?

You get to:

  • Work your pectoral chest muscles.
  • Build upper body strength.
  • Fix poor posture and fitness.
  • Rejuvenate chest muscles with active blood circulation.
  • Improve projection of the breasts with a more prominent bustline.
NOTE: While exercising is one of the most effective ways to work up your muscles and tone breasts, there are other breast solutions out there. You can give yourself a natural breast lift with firming and lifting Gel with Volufiline.

Volufiline is derived from plant extracts that affect the volume of adipose tissue in the breast, causing them to regain a firmer and perkier structure. You can research the compound even further to find studies that relate Volufiline with a fuller, firmer-looking bust.

With that said, let’s jump into the exercises that will work for you.

Here’s the list of breast exercises to work pectoral muscles and shape your boobs:

  1. Incline Dumbbell Press
  2. Barbell Bench Press
  3. Camel Pose
  4. Overhead Shoulder Press
  5. Wall Push Up
  6. Decline Push Up
  7. Standing Chest Stretch
  8. Isometric Chest Exercise

#1. Incline Dumbbell Press

Incline Dumbbell Press

All you need for this exercise is an exercise bench that is on an incline. Though, you can also do this exercise on neutral and decline positions.

This will target your chest and work pretty well to lift your breasts.

How to Do It?

  • Keep your shoulders straight and lie down on the incline with your shoulders pushed back.
  • Now, grab a dumbbell in each hand and gradually raise your hands with the palms facing forward.
  • All you gotta do is lower the dumbbell in an inverted V. Once your dumbbells reach near the sides of your chest, you need to stop.
  • Now, inhale and take the dumbbells back to the imaginary V shape which was their original position. While doing so, make sure that the heads of both the dumbbells touch each other.

Reps: Three sets of 15 reps.

Rest: 10 seconds after every set.

#2. Barbell Bench Press

Barbell Bench Press

This is one of the most important exercises for perkier breasts

The results can make you go wow with the muscle tension you will feel when done correctly.

You can follow this exercise on neutral, incline, or decline positions. The types of equipment that you’ll need are a bench and barbell.

How to Do It?

  • Make your abs tight and back straight as you lay down on the bench. While you do so, place your feet flat on the floor wider than the distance between your shoulders.
  • Try keeping your arms in such a way that the forearm is perpendicular to the floor. 
  • Grab the barbell firmly with the palms facing forward.
  • Now, inhale while you press the barbell upward making your elbows straight.

Hold this posture for a second and then lower your arms. Exhale while doing so.

Reps: Follow 3 sets with 10 reps

Rest: Take rest for 10 seconds between the steps.

#3. Camel Pose

Camel pose

The exercise targets the entire area of your chest as it involves opening up your chest area. 

Moreover, it also helps you stretch your back muscles in the right places. 

How to Do It?

  • Place your knees a little apart as you get down on them.
  • Bend backward and try taking your arms behind you and grab your heels.
  • Hold this posture for 30 seconds. 

Reps: Follow 2 steps of 5 reps.

Rest: 10 seconds rest each time before the next set.

#4. Overhead Shoulder Press

Overhead Shoulder Press

This exercise focuses on the shoulders but also works well for your pectoral muscles. 

All you need is a pair of dumbbells to get started.

How to Do It?

  • Stand with your feet placed wider than the shoulder width.
  • Now, straighten your arms up in a position that they are parallel to the ground and your forearm should lie perpendicular to your upper arm.
  • Make sure that your palms face forward. This will be your starting position.
  • Raise your hands forming an arc bringing the dumbbells together above your head. Do not straighten your arm.
  • Bring your arms back to the starting position.

Reps: Follow 3 sets of this exercise.

Rest: 10 seconds of rest after every set.

#5. Wall Push Up

Wall Push Ups

Ah! Push-ups, finally. This list is truly incomplete without including this super move for developing chest muscles. 

It is its ability to work your muscles only that makes it one of the go-to breast lifting exercises for perkier chest

Push-ups are famous as calorie burners and muscle toners. They target not only the pectoral muscles but also other core muscle groups.

How to Do It?

  • Stand two to three feet away from the wall. 
  • Now, place your palms on the wall shoulder-width apart. Make sure your hands are at shoulder level. This will be your original position.
  • Bend your elbows and bring your chest closer to the wall. Follow this step as you inhale.
  • Exhale as you return to your original position. While doing so, make sure your head is in line with your shoulder, glutes are squeezed, and abs are tight.

Reps: Follow this exercise in 3 sets of 10 reps. 

Rest: Make sure to take a rest of 10 seconds after every set.

#6. Decline Push Up

Decline Push Up

Decline push-ups yield better results than neutral ones. You can do this exercise with the help of a stability ball or a block. 

How to Do It?

  • Start with the original push-up position with your toes firm on the raised equipment that you are using. This is the starting position for the decline push-up.
  • Follow the regular push-up for 5 counts.

Reps: 3 sets of this exercise in 5 reps.

Rest: Take a rest of 10 seconds after every set.

#7. Standing Chest Stretch

Standing Chest Stretch

If you’re looking for a female chest workout at home without equipment, then this is the perfect option for you.

It will basically work as a prepping exercise for the muscles you are planning to work on and will help to give your boobs a firmer look.

How to Do It?

  • Stand in a straight position with your spine straight and your abs tight.
  • Roll your shoulder back as you lift your arms. 
  • Bend your elbows in such a way that they lie parallel to your face.
  • Now, push your hands back and open up your chest.

Reps: Hold this posture for 20-30 seconds and follow 10 reps.

#8. Isometric Chest Exercise

Isometric Chest Exercise

You don’t need any equipment to follow this exercise and it serves as one of the best chest workouts to lift breasts.

It is an isometric exercise which means you will be using the strength of your body to tone the muscles without any particular movement.

How to Do It?

  • Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Keep your spine erect and shoulders relaxed.
  • Keep your hands in front of your chest and press both hands against each other.
  • Hold this posture for 10 seconds.
  • Now, release the posture and switch hands. 

Reps: Do 1 set of 10 reps.

However, these exercises can only work after practicing them for at least a few weeks and putting in some effort.

So, if you can’t follow this routine for even a substantial amount of time, there is a quicker solution of lifting and firming gel to give yourself a natural breast lift.

Moreover, as effective as these chest exercises sound to lift breasts in women, there are actual speculations over the results. 


Can Exercises Really Help Lift Sagging Breasts?

Well, not directly. But chest workouts do have some indirect effects when you want to use them to lift breasts. 

The exercises essentially work your chest pectoral muscles which lie underneath your breasts, helping your boobs look firmer and perkier.

The pectoral muscles are just like every other muscle group. Thus, when you exercise these muscles, they grow and develop to be stronger.

When these muscles grow, they peak up fatty tissues present in the breast giving your chest depth.

However, the exercises won’t have any direct changes on your breast because breasts are made of fatty tissues which cannot be worked out or toned.

Thus, the best way to lift your boobs is by following some of the above-mentioned pectoral exercises for women.

Since now you have an idea about all the exercises to lift your breasts, it’s time to schedule them according to their required repetitions within a week’s time.


How Many Times Should You Do Chest Workouts in a Week to Lift Breasts?

There are many benefits of chest exercises for women. However, if you overdo any exercise or do not do it enough times, the result may vary.

Thus, it’s important to have a proper check on how many times you perform the exercises every week!

Usually, the timings depend on what you want to achieve and the type of exercise you are planning to do.

For breast exercises, it's usually suggested to exercise once or twice a week.

This time period is enough for the chest exercises to tone your breasts.

However, consult a trainer before going ahead with the exercises as the trainer will guide you into the perfect way to perform your workouts.

It will help avoid injuries.

With that being said, for women who wish to get their breasts back in shape with the help of some natural home remedies, here are some tips.


Home Remedies to Lift Sagging Breasts

You cannot restore the original size and shape of your breasts. But you can definitely make them look firmer and lifted.

Here are some of the action steps to help make your breasts look firmer, perkier, and more attractive.

#1. Exercises

As you already know, those breasts don’t have any muscles. Thus, you can definitely make them look uplifted by following pectoral exercises for breasts.

However, you may need some equipment to perform breast lifting chest exercises for women at home.

Or prefer to follow those exercises to lift boobs that do not require any specific equipment.

Anyways, you can also go for some other measures which are mentioned below.

#2. Diet and Nutrition

Diet plays an important role in shaping up your body. 

Try eating a balanced and healthy diet that not only nourishes your skin and body but also keeps you strong. 

Moreover, it is also important to maintain an optimal weight for your height.

Being overweight puts more pressure on your skin and adds additional weight to your breasts making them look saggy.

Apart from this, you must also live a healthy life by keeping tobacco and alcohol out of your lifestyle.

Make sure you drink enough water and stay hydrated. Water will promote a healthy body and skin.

#3. Posture

A poor posture like bent or hunched back harms your breasts as they lead to your breasts hanging on their own weight.

This produces more force on your breast tissue causing sagging.

On the other hand, when you follow good posture while sitting or standing, it enhances the strength of the supporting ligaments and tissues.

Moreover, keep your back straight while working or sitting to evenly distribute the body weight and prevent sagging.

#4. Support

A quality, supporting, properly fitted bra adds support to your breasts reducing the stress and strain on your breasts’ supporting tissues and muscles.

Thus, if you gain or lose weight, make sure to change your bras as well.



The Takeaway Message

Breasts are an inseparable part of a woman’s beauty. Though, it’s tough to prevent sagging altogether once gravity takes over.

Experiencing saggy breasts is completely normal among pregnant or middle-aged women. It can be due to various reasons including genetics, diet, lifestyle, or even your posture.

However, besides genetics and age, much of the control is in your hands actually. Sit straight, eat healthy, work your muscles, and support your breasts with the right-sized bra. Also, stretching along with exercising is a must.

Do note that certain changes during menopause also affect the elasticity of the skin, which could be yet another reason for droopy breasts. 

In any case, don’t let this be a source of anxiety and stress for you. Take charge of your body and take active steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle, that’s it. While performing the above-mentioned exercises, take note to not overstrain and go easy. 

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