Increase Testosterone with Push Ups – Variations for Fast Results

Do Push Ups Increase Testosterone

Increase Testosterone with Push Ups – Variations for Fast Results

Do Push-Ups Increase Testosterone?

There is actually a lot of intrigue around this question in the workout community. In fact, every man lacking testosterone should also be asking this.

Well, the relationship between push-ups and testosterone isn’t just a myth that’s been thrown around for centuries.

In fact, scientific findings in this term have strong assumptions along with valid conclusions.

In this blog, we’ve explored various related facts around the Benefits of Push Ups for boosting testosterone.

To understand the correlation between pushups and testosterone, we must first look into bodyweight exercises and testosterone.


Bodyweight Exercises and Do They Increase Testosterone

Bodyweight exercises and testosterone are correlated. Various scientific theories and assumptions available suggest this fact.

The very first scientific concept available indicates:

#1. The Secret of Bodyweight Training Lies in Isometric Contraction

A repetition of exercise involves two phases, the concentric, when the muscle shortens, and the eccentric when the muscle expands to the negative position.

However, isometric contraction involves remaining in the same position for almost 10 seconds.

This directly acts on different motor neurons in muscles throughout the body. In fact, performing exercises with extended contraction trigger greater testosterone levels. In terms of short and intense workouts, isometric contraction is higher and so are the results.

#2. Muscle Tension Can Release More T

Lifting heavy weights develops mechanical tension. With higher repetition, it stimulates muscle growth.

Well, short rest periods and higher reps in resistance training can get you the desired pumps and burn.

Surprisingly, behind the scenes, many things are happening. With frequent muscle contraction and relaxation, blood pooling effects begin within the muscle tissue.

Eventually, this results in a large accumulation of metabolites like lactate, hydrogen ions, etc.

This results in greater metabolic stress leading to an anabolic effect.

This further leads to molecular signaling leading to elevated hormonal responses. Again, more testosterone is released.

#3. Muscle Activation and Testosterone Response

Muscle activation requires a larger muscle group to be in action. With weight training working as a stimulus for this purpose, testosterone responses intensify.

In fact, a bodyweight jump squat for 60 sec can remarkably ascend T-level. Another study on hurdle jumps showed an explosive increment in T. Moreover, a 400meter sprint resulted in incredible growth in LH, FSH, and testosterone.

In short, it appears intense workouts trigger high metabolic stress. Eventually, such greater movement stressing a large group of muscle tissue results in greater testosterone response.

Hence, the correlation between bodyweight workouts and testosterone is quite clear.

Certainly, regular intense exercise can directly employ the human body to provide more of the male hormone.

However, in this blog, our key concern also lies in answering, “Do Push Ups Increase Testosterone After 50?”

With the extracted findings, we can further dive deep into our research.


Do Push Ups Increase Testosterone?

Pushups are dynamic exercises having effects on the entire body. In fact, this specific physical activity is a greater functional full-body workout. 

In this segment, we’ve specifically looked into evidence if it elevates testosterone.

#1. Push-Ups Engage Larger Muscle Groups

The exercise involves remaining in a flat position while lowering and uplifting the body.

Push-ups require the back to be straight while straightening and bending the arms while taking the support of toes and hands.

Best for shoulder therapy and dynamic joint stability training, it measures the muscle endurance of larger muscle groups.

In fact, the list includes chest, shoulder, triceps muscles. Evidently, it is a multi-joint upper body workout.

#2. Increases Blood Circulation and Oxygenate Muscles

This occurs by the increased contraction and relaxation of larger muscle groups. Eventually, the muscle pumping in the muscle cell increases, resulting in elevated blood circulation.

Definitely, the activity promotes oxygen flow to the muscle groups. Of course, the process ultimately increases protein synthesis leading to greater muscle development.

Not only that but the exercise directly triggers metabolic activity while working on the blood circulation.

In short, the fat burning process elevates. Lower body fat and greater testosterone level are reciprocal.

However, the findings require much more scientific evidence to be proven.

#3. Reduces the Risk of Osteoporosis and Help Muscle Health

Will regularly Doing Push Ups Increase Testosterone? Well, several clinical trials and research have declared sound facts in this term.

Meanwhile, it can lower the risk of osteoporosis, a condition of the bones getting fragile, weak, and brittle.

#4. Stimulates Metabolism and Accelerates Weight Loss

Further, Push Ups Increase Testosterone without weights all the while also triggering metabolism.

Employing larger muscle groups with legs in action, the workout has much more to play with.

Obviously, such activity involves a greater blood pump leading to elevated breathing rates.

This puts metabolic stress leads to more testosterone release.

#5. Push Up Variations Target Multiple Muscle Groups

Push up strengthens the core, triceps, shoulders, and pectoral muscles. However, performing push-ups variations targets different muscle groups. Ultimately, strengthening different body parts.

Having distinct effects, push-ups directly or indirectly creates an anabolic environment, which is necessary for greater testosterone productions. Certainly, summing up the segment, we can conclude push-ups Increase Testosterone without Weights.

Nonetheless, the workout isn’t about getting goals accomplished. It is about enjoying the entire period of performing these physical activities.

Hence, fitness trainers and experts have developed different variations of pushups.

Employing different muscle groups can certainly promote male hormone secretion.

After getting an affirmative answer to ‘Can Push-Ups Increase Testosterone?’, let’s also have a look at the major variations of push ups for fast results.


8 BEST Push Up Variations to Increase Testosterone

Push-ups aren’t boring at all!

Actually, you’ve enough push-up variations that you can try on different days for different perks.

Certainly, the most favorite is the classic version hitting your lower body with a straight back, bending arms-on support of hands and toes.

However, this mostly hits your shoulders, chest, triceps, and core. Nonetheless, the variation of this workout targets different muscle groups getting different benefits.

Here are the 8 variations of push-ups along with the muscle groups they target:

#1: Standard Push-Up: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Core

While performing standard push-ups, move-in plan position. This will act on staple muscle groups. In fact, the best stability comes with regular push-ups.

Moreover, it can strengthen your shoulders, biceps, triceps, core, and chest with legs extended. So, it offers you a full-body effect.

#2: Tricep Push-Up: Triceps

You can burn additional fat by performing triceps pushups. Well, to perform it, you have to tuck elbows into sides. The entire process is similar.

However, your arms and elbows had squeezed around your ribs. You need to follow this when going up and down while performing triceps pushups.

#3: Plyometric Push-Ups: Chest Muscles Plus a Cardio Burst

Corey Lewis, CEO of 1AND1 Life, certified and proficient personal trainer, mentions trying a plyometric push-up. In fact, it is best to work on fast-twitch muscle fibers.

Simply, employing muscle fiber with the physical activity, its effect on the chest muscle multiplies.

Further, he adds, that it works fantastic for building the functional explosiveness of your upper body. This supports everyday chores and movement while increasing your heart rate.

To perform plyometric pushups, get in a high plank position. Involve your abs and maintain your body in a straight line while keeping your hands under your shoulders.

Bring your chest downward as if almost touching the ground. Now, generate power to jump off the floor entirely.

Interestingly, the exercise is best for chest muscle and it adds a cardio burst to your activity.

#4: Spiderman Push-Up: Obliques

Spiderman pushups are one of the best challenging upgrades. This would work on obliques directly functioning as an ab burner. Get in a standard push-ups position while lowering down.

Now, you have to bring your leg toward the elbow on the same side while squeezing your abs. Get back to the initial position while switching sides.

#5: Sphinx Push-Up: Triceps and Core

Imitating a sphinx push-up version works on your arms primarily. With that, it targets your arms, shoulders, and especially, your triceps.

Obviously, your hands are out forward towards your head during the entire workout. Besides, you are performing a large stretch working throughout the back of your arms.

#6: Iranian Half-Moon Push-Up: Obliques

This push-up blends with a standard push-up, a downward dog, and plank into a single rep. That’s a lot!

Certainly, you’re strengthening your upper body muscles in the Iranian half-moon push-up, but its effects are beyond just that.

In fact, you can feel the best effects and burn in your obliques. These muscle groups are in charge of twisting, bending, and winding your body throughout the movement.

#7: Russian Push-Up: Core

The Russian push-up acts mainly on your core. Moreover, it also employs all of your upper body as you move between a forearm plank and a full push-up.

Surprisingly, it is the most preferred Home Exercises to Increase Testosterone.

#8: Incline Push-Up: Shoulders and Chest

Certainly, performing a traditional push-up on an incline, such as a bench, box, or any elevated surface makes the movement easier.

In fact, it acts more on chest muscle and shoulders compared to the pushups you perform on the floor.

The push-ups variations sound interesting. However, performing on your own with a lack of technical knowledge can be tricky.

Hence, we recommend taking the help of an expert or fitness trainer in the beginning.


Tips to Increase Testosterone with Exercise

There’s much more on ‘How to Increase Testosterone’ than doing push-ups? Well, other tips that can maximize testosterone production usually involve exercise as well.

Still, not all forms of physical activity can promote the male hormone level. Here are five proven ways to get more of T.

#1: Resistance Training for Your Muscles

Resistance training is known as weight training as well. Physical activity mainly indulges in making larger muscle groups work against a force.

Well, this can be free weights to resistance bands. Moreover, you can use your own body weight.

There are many evident benefits of resistance training. This mainly includes increasing strength and endurance, cutting fat, bulking muscle, and increasing flexibility.

Besides, there are added perks like short and long-term T-boosting.

  • A study was done on men undergoing resistance training for 4 weeks 3 times weekly. These men experienced a sudden increase in T-level just after a workout.
  • Another clinical trial concluded that performing 30-minute weight lifting can boost T-levels by 21.6%.

For a newbie, experts recommend not to dive headfirst. Guidance of a qualified trainer is recommended.

Only once you get the correct knowledge of performing it, go on your own.

#2: Bodyweight Exercises are Your Best Bet [Squats, Push-Ups, Pull-Ups, Sit-Ups]

Resistance Training doesn’t require special equipment. In fact, you can utilize your own weight as an advantage.

Doing bodyweight squats, push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups hit different muscle groups.

Eventually, this elevates physical strength while improvising the male hormone level. You can perform the exercises at home and gradually upgrade the moves to be challenging.

A few clinical studies have sound facts concerning this matter. A regular workout habit by older men leads to higher T-levels.

Undoubtedly, these are some of the best Testosterone Boosting Exercises without Weights.

#3: Work That Leg

Certainly, you might think high t-levels mean big and massive muscular biceps or vice versa.

However, this never means you should focus entirely on upper-body muscle-building activities. In short, never skip your leg day!

In fact, a study by the Institute of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics supports the info.

The research split the participants into two groups. The first one was into an arm-only workout. And the other group was into a leg and arm workout.

Conclusively, T-levels were higher in the second group exercising the lower body as well as the upper body workout.

#4: Try High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT is a combination of intense bursts of workouts. These are mainly combined with rest and low-intensity workouts.

Particularly, physical activity is popular for fat burning and fat reduction. However, it can increase muscle mass significantly while elevating T-levels.

Studies Conducted
  • A 2011 study was conducted on men performing six “35-m sprints at maximum effort with a 10-second recovery between each sprint”. At last, the researcher observed an increment in testosterone.
  • Another study put HIIT face-to-face with steady-state endurance exercise (SSE). The outcome was surprising. Participants undertaking 45 minutes of interchanging between hard sprints and light jogs every 90 seconds had higher T-levels compared to participants running uninterruptedly for 45 minutes.

#5: Take Time Out 

Rests are often underestimated. However, these are essential components of an effective and functional workout. In fact, it can literally impact your T-levels.

Clinical studies show a longer rest period of almost 120 sec between two sets can raise T-level significantly.

Obviously, this makes sense, the longer it takes to recover, the heavier weight you can lift.


Wrapping Up

Bodyweight workouts and testosterone are correlated. Without enough testosterone achieving bodybuilding, getting a masculine body is nearly impossible.

Often people with low testosterone levels get recommendations to perform push-ups.

Meanwhile, they pounder, Will Push-Ups Increase Testosterone? Surprisingly, pushups increase testosterone significantly.

In our inspection, we got a fair amount of facts, indicating similar effects. In short, doing pushups can help elevate testosterone. The effects are a result of full-body stress, metabolic stress, isometric contraction, and muscle activation. However, performing only pushups can be boring whatever benefits it yields. Hence, fitness trainers and experts have found ways to make it interesting. You can perform push-up variations to intensify testosterone release.

Moreover, other tips to boost testosterone with exercise can further help maximize the result.

Well, we hope this article helped you. For more on health, lifestyle, and supplement, don’t forget to go through the other blogs.


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