Benefits of Fat Binders | Is It More Effective Than Fat Burners?

How Do Fat Binders Work

Benefits of Fat Binders | Is It More Effective Than Fat Burners?

Do fat binders guarantee weight loss success better than the traditional FAT BURNERS?

Fat binders are said to be an innovative way to tackle weight gain. In fact, specialized use is said to lead to unbelievable fat loss and better weight management. 

Unlike the sophisticated natural fat burners, fat binders take control over your fat-storing process. 

Essentially, the fat accumulation process comes to an end. So, the supplement is widely included in different fat loss programs with proper nutrition and exercises.

However, weight loss is like gambling. You usually do whatever is possible to achieve your goals, but the outcome takes time; a lot of time. That’s why people who sweat it hard and keep their favorite dessert at bay also struggle.

Can fat binders help?

This fat binder guide introduces you to different facets of the product. 

Also, you would get to know How Do Fat Binders Work and if they will suit your goals.


What are Fat Binders?

Fat binders

Do you think fat binders and fat burners are the same?

If so, think again, because they aren’t at all alike.

Fat burners are supplements capable of burning fat stored in your body. However, fat binders are a little different and act before the fat ever gets stored. The whole process initiates as soon as the assimilation of foods and their nutrients start.

The digestive tract absorbs nutrients from your food and transfers them to different parts of the body according to requirements. 

Now, fat binders are formulas preventing the storage of fat through the digestive tract in the first place. This is how some of the best fat binders work and make a difference. Its working mechanism is what differentiates it from fat burners.

In short, the job of fat binders is to hinder the fat storage process. It aims to regulate the body functions leading to fat absorption, which leads to fat storage.

The working mechanism of fat binders is somewhat similar to fiber, which improves the removal of waste products from the digestive system. 

Because your body doesn’t absorb fat binders, they remain as a medical product, rather than a diet pill.

This was by far a short introduction to the cutting-edge weight loss support system. Next, let’s understand ‘how does fat binders work’ in detail.

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How Do Fat Binders Work?

Fat binders have gathered huge popularity over recent years.

But, do fat binders actually work?

Our findings reveal some amazing facts about the leading weight loss support system.

How Do Fat Binders Work

All of it starts with a single fat binding ingredient!

The most active and important fat binder ingredient is the polysaccharide, chitosan.

Well, at its most basic form, it’s a carb molecule present in the naturally occurring derivative of glucose (called chitin). 

For making fat binders, the manufacturers obtain chitin from natural sources.

Chitosan isn’t only present in fat binders, though.

In fact, its commercial use is widely popular among different other products. This includes its inclusion as a wound healing attribute to create artificial skin and contact lenses.

But the way fat binding pills work when it comes to weight loss entirely depends on how its key ingredient, chitosan, acts.

When taken, the key ingredient in fat binders dissolves into your stomach acids, in which the alkali compound converts into a gel-like substance. This form of gel-like fiber is just distinct from other edible fibers.

It clings to fat droplets. Its positive ionic charge allows it to stick with lipids and fats, which are formed of negative ions.

The mass of chitosan and fat then goes to the intestines from the stomach.

At this point, chitosan, the key constituent, converts into an insoluble fat deposit, which digestive enzymes can’t break. This allows you to get all the extra fat out of your body through feces.

So, in summary, fat binders entrap fat effectively preventing fat absorption. Hence, the fat binders supplement protects from future fat gain.

Now, we hope you’ve got a complete answer to, “how do fat binding tablets work.”

Moving on, people usually consider it effective for only fat binding, but experts have diverse opinions. 

They believe in other potential benefits of fat binders. 

So, “are fat binders effective, and is there evidence for the seemingly amazing benefits of hindering fat storage?”


Fat Binders Benefits 

While our team was busy digging into facts about how fat binders do work, they did find other different advantages.

As the name suggests, the supplement mainly relies on chitin for fat loss and body weight management. 

Ongoing studies and clinical trials are exploring the different arena of effectiveness for the product.

Benefits of a Fat Binder – Based on Studies Done So Far

Studies on animal and human subjects offer favorable outcomes. 

One of such clinical trials was on a group of rats on a high-fat diet and varying types of dietary fiber to examine the digestibility of the fats. 

At the end of the two-week diet period, the researchers examined the feces of the animals. Among the 23 dietary fibers consumed models, chitosan was present at a higher level. 

This further showed how fat digestibility lessened up to 50% compared to the other diets. In simple words, the rat models absorbed 50% less fat which got out in their feces. 

Another research was a double-blinded, placebo-controlled randomized trial on human subjects.

The study in the Journal of the Americal College of Nutrition involved a group of 134 overweight adults. The treatment group took six 500mg chitosan capsules per day. 

When the study ended, the researchers examined their body weight loss, fat percentage, fat mass, and even BMI.

In comparison to the placebo, intake of chitosan resulted in a 2.8lb weight loss, out of which 2.6lbs was fat mass.

Moreover, it indicated 78% greater fat loss in the chitosan participant group. The notable results showed loss of body fat with minimal loss of lean body mass.

The group also showed a significant reduction in fat percentage, improved body weight management, and better body fat composition index.

Moreover, there are some fat binders reviews that represent its various benefits. These studies are promising. 

But still, before taking the final jump and using a fat binder, you need to ask — are fat binders safe?


Fat Binder Side Effects

Our initial findings didn’t warrant anything worth too much worry.

But fat binders for weight loss can have some complications in some cases.

  • In some instances, people have suffered from diarrhea and stomach aches. 
  • The supplement might also interfere with specific medications. 

Moreover, the fat binder may lessen the natural ability of your body to take in nutrients. Particularly, this includes the essential vitamins and minerals. 

You should, in such a situation, employ a short-term solution. Taking multivitamin pills while you’re on a fat binder can help. 

Also, you can try fat binder pills enhanced with vitamins and minerals to compensate for the shortfall of nutrients.

Apart from the above minor details, we find nothing of much concern. 

To be extra safe, proper consultation with your doctor before adding such products to your routine would probably be a wise thing to do.

Also, to decimate the chances of side effects, only use the best fat binders formulated from natural ingredients. 

Plus, take in a nutrient-rich diet to accompany the effects of fat binders.


Our Top Recommendation: Proactol Natural Fat Binder


Proactol XS is a natural fat binder designed to support your weight management requirements. 

The natural fat binder capsules have chitosan, a natural, fibrous substance. Not only it helps in weight management but averts your appetite to help you remain full for longer while curbing your midnight cravings and keeping snacking habits at bay.

This single ingredient binds the fat molecule from your diet and prevents it from absorbing into your body. 

Ultimately, this helps in controlling your weight without the need to adhere to an overly stringent diet. The supplement will naturally keep your fat intake in check.

The all-natural blend together with a balanced diet and fitness program can help you attain your fitness goals. 

Proactol XS Ingredients

500mg non-animal sourced chitosan.

Proactol XS Benefits

  • Help lose weight safely and naturally.
  • Limits your appetite.
  • Hinders fat storage and weight gain.
  • Improve your digestive system.
  • Natural ingredients and blend.
  • GMO-free.
  • Suitable for gluten and lactose-intolerant people.

Proactol XS Fat Binder Reviews

Proactol reviews

Proactol XS Price and Where to Buy

You can buy Proactol natural fat binder directly from its manufacturer. 1 bottle of 60 capsules is available for $49.95 with 60 days money-back guarantee. You can check out the official website for more product details and order specifications.


Diet and Exercise are Crucial!

People often consider fat binders as a substitute for diet and exercise. This is a big mistake! If you are to do the same, then don’t.

In fact, sticking to your regular diet and exercise is a crucial part of the fat-binding process. The supplement’s blend works to enhance the outcome as a result of the efficiency of your whole weight loss program.

With that, it helps in body weight management as well as toning up the muscles.

This doesn’t mean that you should feast over a fatty five-course meal and have a fat binder to compensate. 

The supplement, in any case, supports only a healthy lifestyle and smart eating choices.

Losing weight is challenging, but what’s more difficult is to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep your weight steady.

If you stick to the key pointers, you don’t have to worry whether fat binders do really work or not.

In any case, you will benefit from your diet and exercises alone.

Whether you want to lose weight or maintain a steady weight, keep a check on these:

  • Follow the proper fat binder dosages.
  • Stick to a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Workout daily.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

These tips will go a long way in your weight loss journey with fat binders. And, of course, it’s an innovative way to tackle love handles and extra fat mass responsible for weight gain. 


Fat Binders: FAQs 

Peruse these questions to understand more about fat binders.

#1. What's the Difference Between Fat Burners and Fat Binders?

Fat burners and fat binders are entirely different products and work differently.  However, both supplements help in weight loss. So, people misunderstand them to be exactly the same. The diet pills employ distinct working mechanisms to quicken fat loss.

Let’s look at the major difference between a fat binder and a fat burner.

Fat Burners vs Fat Binders | Key Differences

Fat Burners – Speeds up metabolism and fat loss.


Fat binders – Blocks fat absorption.

Firstly, fat burners are natural supplements capable of igniting your metabolic and thermogenic activity to fire up the fat-burning process. Hence, you receive a significant loss in fat mass in a short period.

In contrast, fat binders are mostly single-ingredient formulas that block further absorption of fat by the digestive tract. The excess fat ultimately comes out in the form of feces.

This way it prevents further weight gain and keeps your body free of toxins. Secondly, fat burners boost different body processes for better results.

However, fat binders trap the fat consumed and take them out in the form of feces preventing fat absorption and storage in your body.

#2. Can you take fat binders and fat burners together?

Fat burners increase fat loss whereas fat binders prevent further fat gain. Thus, they complement each other for providing a complete weight loss support system. Still, fat burners are packed up with various ingredients including stimulants, such as caffeine.

Depending on that, you might benefit from avoiding the use of fat burners later in the day if you value your sleep. Also, the dosage of the fat binder and fat burners may interact with each other depending on their ingredients and the timing of the dosage.

Take the time to do your own research and assure the ingredients do not interact and are not counterproductive. To be extra safe, you may consult your medical supervisor or fitness trainer before combining the two.

In most cases, a fat binder can alone prove effective enough with a proper diet and exercise regime.

#3. Who will benefit from fat binders the most?

Fat binders work with the fat present in your diet.  Thus, people on a very low-fat diet won’t get any benefit from the supplement. The product is most effective when you have a normal to large quantity of dietary fats in your diet.

To know how much fat you consume, you can track it with an online tool detecting caloric and macronutrient intake. Indeed, with a better understanding of your diet, calorie, and nutrient intake, you can get maximum benefits from fat binders.

Also, note that—fat isn’t only present in butter, oil, seeds, nuts, and fatty fruits. The non-vegan sources include animal products, even lean meat. If you’re having a regular diet with average calorie and moderate fat intake, fat binders can definitely prevent fat gain.

However, the effectiveness entirely depends on your meal and diet. So, make them your top consideration.

#4. How to get the most out of fat binders?

Only taking the diet supplement isn’t sufficient for maximum results. Firstly, you need to understand it works on consumed fat. So, the supplement isn’t going to decimate your stored body fat.

It can only prevent further fat absorption that you take from foods after starting the fat binder dosage. Further, to get the most out of your fat binders, maintain your workouts and diets accordingly to get results.

#5. How long do fat binders take to work?
There’s no ideal or defined period taken by the supplement to get you results. It differs from person to person depending on their diet, efforts, and lifestyle choices. Still, following the basics offers quick results and should show major improvements within 2-3 months.


The Bottom Line

Fat binders have become the new fitness trend. Though, do not include it in your regime due to this reason alone. Check whether it really complements your weight loss program.

Every health supplement is designed to serve specific health requirements. This is true with fat binders as well.

It can effectively shut off fat storage and hinder weight gain but is definitely not meant to substitute a fat burner.

Given that, its benefits are complementary to fat burners. So, you may use a fat binder and a fat burner together but only after careful research of the products.

Make sure the ingredients don’t interact and will not be overwhelming for your body. Of course, the best solution for this is consulting your doctor or fitness trainer.

Our recommendation would be to stay consistent with your diet and workouts while trying out a fat binder. 

Stock up some fresh fruits and veggies along with healthy nuts and seeds for snacking. Occasional cheat meals won’t do much harm if you take full responsibility for when to stop and not overindulge.

Hopefully, the blog serves your purpose and you’ve gained useful insights about how fat binders work.

We’re available to answer your queries down in the comments section.

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